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Don't Ponder Lead-Free – Go Lead-Free - Multicore Lead Free Solder

Going lead-free? It’s easy. Given the right materials to choose from - and enough knowledge to combine them correctly. Even if you are one of the few able to continue using SnPb alloys, we now know the lead-free wider world will impose small but significant changes to your materials and processes.

New technologies are already entering the market; and it’s not always obvious how they will integrate with your existing setup. So this transitional phase is perhaps the toughest to manage. You need to research what’s changing, and how. Then you must develop a response. The trouble is, you also have a business to run and there are too many calculations – and too little time – for you to go it alone.

Multicore has the knowledge – not to mention our wide range of RoHS-compliant and transitional products – to help you meet all incoming rules on lead and other hazardous materials such as halides, without compromising the all-important metrics: turnaround, yield, cost, quality.

Multicore Crystal Solid fluxes have been specially formulated to complement no clean wave and reflow soldering processes.  It is also applicable to repair operations following a cleaning process to eliminate the cost of cleaning.  Crystal solid fluxes are based on modified rosins and carefully selected activators.


  • Alloy Composition
    • 99.3% Tin / 0.7% Copper
  • Flux Type
    • 511 Crystal
    • 5 Core
    • Designed for very high level of activity
    • Clear Residues
    • Good spread on Copper, Brass & Nickel
    • Heat Stable, Low Spitting, Mild Odour
  • Melting Point
    • 227°C
  • Eutectic Alloy
  • Available Sizes
    • MC706 0.38mmØ 0.25kg
    • MC707 0.56mmØ 0.25kg
    • MC708 0.71mmØ 0.5kg
    • MC709 1.22mmØ 0.5kg
    • MC717 1.60mmØ 0.5kg
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