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International Freight Charges

Purchasing from overseas? We are happy to ship to most countries, but please note that upon order completion, a Radio Parts team member will contact you with the exact amount required for shipping your order overseas once we have collected, weighed, and measured your order. We then ask that you use PayPal to transfer the required amount so that we may ship your order to you.

To apply a default international freight charge would mean having to inflate the shipping charge to cover all scenarios. This way we are able to calculate exactly how much it costs to mail out your order, be it a tiny resistor or a power amplifier.

Price Guide for International Shipping

Asia Pacific

Rest of the world

up to 500g



500 g to 1 kg



1 kg to 2 kg



2 kg to 4 kg



4 kg to 8 kg



8 kg to 20 kg



How to pay for extra shipping charges?

Once you are told what the exact shipping charge is, use the following button that will take you to the PayPal website. Simply put in the required amount under 'Item Price' on the left hand sidebar and hit the 'Review and Continue' button. You do not need a PayPal account and can easily use your credit card if desired. Alternatively, transfer the funds to our PayPal email address: advertising@radioparts.com.au

Be sure to include your Radio Parts order number as a reference!