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SNAPTOGGLE® anchors get their name from their speed and ease of use—they work in a SNAP!

The third generation of the patented SNAPTOGGLE anchors has these improvements:

  • New longer and stronger plastic straps that now work in base materials 3/8" to 3 5/8" thick and will not break prematurely like other plastic straps
  • Straps that snap off flush with the wall every time, assuring precise alignment
  • A new plating that is 7x more corrosion-resistant thangovernment spec zinc plating
  • Smallest drill hole for each bolt size:
    1/4" wing toggle needs 50% larger hole
  • High strength:
    holds up to 2x the load of an old-fashioned wing toggle of same bolt size
  • Reusable in same hole:
    remove the bolt without losing the anchor
  • One-person installation:
    like having an extra pair of hands behind the wall
  • Insulation pushed aside by metal channel

Does NOT destroy wall or ceiling?plastic cap & metalchannel centers bolt & prevents abrasion

SNAPTOGGLE Applications/Solutions

  • Shelving
  • Bathroom Accessories
  • Flat Screen TVs (LCD and Plasma)
  • Draperies, Curtain Rods, and Blinds
  • Mirrors

Tensile Test Results (Ultimate results in pounds*)

Anchor /Bolt Thread 1/2" Drywall 5/8" Drywall Concrete 1/2" Steel Plate
265 356 1,080** 1,283

BC 3/8"- 16

275 576 1,745** 1,692**

**New, improved holding values

Shear Test Results (Ultimate results in pounds*)
Anchor / Bolt Thread 1/2" Drywall 5/8" Drywall

BB 1/4"-20

241 324
292 406

SNAPTOGGLE Toggle Bolts can be used in all hollow materials, including:

  • Drywall
  • Gypsum Board
  • Plasterboard
  • Plaster
  • Concrete Block
  • Cinder Block
  • Aerated Concrete
  • Stucco
  • Composite Panels
  • Acoustic Ceilings
  • Fiberglass
  • Cement Board
  • Green Board

Step-By-Step Installation

Snaptoggle Installation Image 1

Drill a 1/2" (Ø13mm) hole. Hold metal channel flatalongside plastic straps and slide channel through hole. Minimum clearance behind wall: 1-7/8" (48mm).

Snaptoggle Installation Image 2

Hold ends of straps between thumb and forefinger and pull toward you until channel rests flush behind wall.Slide plastic cap along straps with other hand until flange of cap is flush with wall.

Snaptoggle Installation Image 3

Snap straps at wall by pushing side to side, snapping off straps level with flange of cap.

Snaptoggle Installation Image 4

Place item over flange. Insert bolt through item and tighten until flush against item, then stop.

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