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AEGIS - CZ20250 LAN Tester RJ45

Local Area Network cabling faults can be difficult to diagnose - unless you have the CZ20250!

This easy to operate LAN tester enables you to test your wiring and connections at installation or after maintenance,and is a great Cat 5, Cat 6 and Cat 7 cable tester, making it one of the most convenient tools on the market.

With the press of a single button you can automatically run a barrage of tests, including tests for Continuity, Opens, Shorts, Crosses and Splits.

You can also identify which pairs require correction;

The unit will scan all combinations without you having todo anything other than initiate the test.

Even cable shield is tested for continuity! And it tests for all these at lightning speed, saving you as much time aspossible.


Applications of the CZ20250 LAN Tester:

  • Continuity test
  • Opens test
  • Shorts test
  • Crosses test
  • Splits test
  • Identify pairs that need correction
  • Test for cable shield continuity

The test results are displayed via LED above the test button.

The Pass or Fail result is instantly recognisable; you don’t have to waste any time deciphering the display. Any faults detected are also displayed by LED indicators.

Low battery is also indicated, and can be tested for. In order to conserve power, an auto shutdown feature is standard.

Adding to convenience of the CZ20250, the remote unit ishoused within the master unit and a belt clip and 1.5V batteries are included with your purchase.


Features of the CZ20250 LAN Tester:

  • Small and easy to carry
  • Quick, easy to read pass/fail display of test results
  • Faults displayed by LED Indicators
  • Easy to read cable status
  • Auto-off power shut down to conserve battery life
  • Low battery indication and test
  • Belt clip provided
  • 1.5V batteries included


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