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RRP: $19.95

Micro USB Card Reader and Hub for Android Smartphones & Tablets

What is USB OTG(On-the-Go) ?

USB OTG is a specification that allows USB devices such as a tablet or smartphone to act as a host, allowing other USB devices such as USB flash drives, mice or a keyboard to be attached to them.

How to use this device?

1. Plug an SD card, a Micro SD card or USB flash driveinto the device then attach the device to your smartphone ortablet’s Micro USB port.
2. Choose between USB or Card Reader mode.
3. Your smartphone or tablet detects “USB mass storage device” and displays the storage file folders.Select “all files” then “UsbDriveA”to access the data files.
4. With some of the latest Android phones or tablets, you can even connect a USB keyboard, mouse, or keyboard/mouse with a wireless receiver.

Product Features:

  • Pocket sized with tuck-away cable.
  • Micro USB card reader and USB host function.
  • Easily switch between card reader and USB.
  • Supports high capacity SD/Micro SD up to 2TB*.
  • Supports flash drives, USB keyboard, mouse or keyboard/mouse with a wireless receiver.

*Tablet or smartphone must support SDXC or Micro SDXC to read up to 2TB card.

Product Specifications:

  • Tablet Support:
    Galaxy Tab 3 tablets, Note 8.0 and other popular Micro USB Android 4.0+ tablets.
  • Smartphone Support:
    Galaxy S series, Note series, SONY Xperia series, HTC One series and other popular Micro USB Android 4.0+ phones.
  • Connector type: Micro USB/USB
  • Card reader type: SD and Micro SD
  • Supports card types: SD/SDHC/SDXC/Micro SD/Micro SDHC/Micro SDXC
  • Switch: USB host/card reader
  • OS Support: Android 4.0+ OS*

*Your device must support USB OTG function

Package Details:

Product dimension: 4.7x2.1x1.37cm
Product weight: 10g
Package dimension: 16x10x1.5cm
Package weight: 50g

USB OTG only supports FAT32 file format. Product does not work with spin type USB HDDs.