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The first Reference Bookshelf Speaker from Earthquake-RBS-52. It is a perfect match for home theater set up or passive studio monitor.

For over one year, Earthquake audio engineers along have worked very hard on desgning the RBS-52 to deliver a studio quality sound reproduction along with great aesthetics. Earthquake sound uses a reinforced wood cabinet that is finished with rounded edges and matte lacquer paint; for those who do not want any obstruction between them and the speakers, Earthquake provides seamless and self-centering magnetic grilles.

Earthquake sound has always understood the importance of sound quality and enjoyment of the users listening experience; that is why the RBS-52 uses 25mm silk dome tweeters to allow faster response, as well as higher frequency range. The 5.25" mid-bass driver has a low mass rigid carbon fiber cone and a large surround that is glues to the basket using Earthquake's patented PistonMax™ technology to provide you with 25% more accurate sound pressure levels as well as low harmonic distortion. Both the mid-bass driver and the tweeter are perfectly managed by an internal passive crossover.

The finely finished matte black cabinet is designed and engineered with the same care and attention to details as every component of the RBS-52. To enhance the low frequency out of a small cabinet, Earthquake sound added dual round ports on the back of the cabinet to precisely to it to 40Hz.

The RBS-52 is perfect for surround, passive studio monitor or a 2-channel stereo.

Dimensions H (324mm) W (228mm) D (292mm)

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Earthquake RBS52 speaker system

5 out of 5 stars

These speakers came packed in cartons inside cartons. Really well packed, definitely courier safe. As speaker appearances go, these are amazing. There are no visible joins or seems, and the satin black surface finish is absolutely flawless. No, more broken pegs on the removable front trim covers, these are held in place, and perfectly aligned by strong magnets. The gold plated connector block on the rear is flush mounted and the hole in the post is facing you, so inserting the speaker wire is dead easy. The Titan Hestia centre speaker has the same fine attention to detail. The finish on this is a high gloss black that still blends nicely with the TV above. How do they sound? Wow, just unbelievable. Turn up the amp and you just become immersed in perfect sound. Turn the amp (Yamaha) to full volume and the neighbours are immersed in PERFECT sound. There is no distortion even at MAX Volume. THESE ARE SIMPLY FANTASTIC SPEAKERS. I WILL BE BUYING MORE RBS-52s. I built a 5.0 surround system using 2 pair of Earthquake RBS-52 and an Earthquake Titan Hestia for the centre speaker, coupled to a Yamaha RXV-483 amplifier. My client and I agreed that a sub woofer wasn't really required. My client is TOTALLY OVER THE MOON with his new sound system. I have now been asked to add wireless outdoor capability. Thanks to Earthquake, Yamaha and Darren Rowlands at Radio Parts for helping me look great and deliver a timely solution.