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An 8-inchC-CAMbassdriver and a more highly specified version of the C-CAMGold Dome tweeteroffer an extended high-frequency response to 30 kHz, as well as higher output and power handling capacity than the 2-way models.

Optimum imaging and set-up are established via a pivotingtweeter, high frequency (+3 dB / 0 dB / -3 dB) level adjustment, and boundary compensation (on / off) controls.

Optionalsquare grillecan be used with this model.

Precise control
For the most accurate sound, your listening position ideallyneeds to be in-line with the treble.

Without this, some of the precison is lost.

Thanks to its pivoting tweeter, the C280 is ideally equipped. Simply direct the tweeter towards where you're most likely to be in the room.

High frequency, level and boundary compensation adjustment further help in refining the sound of this quality ceiling speaker.

Powerful sound
Using an 8" (203mm) bass cone, the C280 is ideal for use in larger rooms and at higher volume levels.

Larger coned speakers like these are also ideal for higher ceilings, where the sound has further to travel.

Top quality sound
Using Monitor Audio's C-CAM gold treble unit and C-CAM bass driver, the C280 offers genuine hi-fi sound quality.

The C-CAM (Ceramic Coated Aluminium Magnesium) gold treble unit gives an extended frequency response that now stretches to 30 kHz, well above the audible spectrum.

This means lower notes that we can hear aren't compresseddownwards or harmonically compromised for a treble response that's smooth, sweet and detailed.

Discreet design
Designed for ceilings, it can also be mounted in a wall for ultimate versatility.

It's finished in a neutral dark grey colour with white grille but can be painted to blend in effortlessly.

Punchy sound from a discreet ceiling speaker - the Monitor Audio C280 is your key to superior sound installation.



Frequency response 50 Hz – 30 kHz

Nominal Impedance

6 ohms
Sensitivity (1W@1M) 90 db
Maximum SPL 111.6dBA
Power Handling (RMS) 120 Watt
Recommended Amplifier Requirements 30-120 Watts
Drive Unit Complement 8"C-CAMconebass driver
1" C-CAMpivotingGold Dome tweeter
Adjustment Controls HF Level Switch (+3 dB / 0 dB / -3 dB)
Boundary Compensation Switch
Overall Diameter (Including Grille) 285 mm (111/4")
Mounting Depth 122 mm (413/16")
Cut-Out Hole Diameter 247 mm (93/4")
Fixing Type 3 positionTri-Gripdog fixings
Connection Gold plated ‘push’ type terminals
Grille attachment Magnetic - (optional square grille- outer dimmensions 285 x 285 mm (111/4"))
Construction Material Mineral filled ABS, RoHS compliant
Weight 2.8 kg (6 lb 2 oz)
Pre- Construction bracket CB8Pre-Construction Bracket (Green)