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HPI8i Multi-purpose 2-way Passive Speaker

The HPI8i is a compact full frequency range multi-purpose 2-way passive speaker system designed for livesound and permanent installation.

Priority in the design is focused towards strong voice projection capability in medium to larger venue spaces and the HPI8i can be installed as a complementary element to the HPI111 and HPI110 installation.

It is suited to front-of house sound for mid to long throw applications in both stand-alone applications, as partof a small array or distributed system and can be installedin vertical or horizontal configurations.

A little box with big potential, the HPI8i has a number of features designed to increase performance and versatility for a professional sound installation environment.

A key feature is the Quest designed asymmetrical high frequency wave guide.

This feature helps lower the reverberant problems in manyvenue environments that degrade voice intelligibility, by focusing the sound to where it is needed and away from walls and ceilings.

The result is a speaker that sounds much bigger than it appears.

This is highly beneficial when sightlines and venue architectural requirement demand discrete low profile audio and high output.

Asymmetrical Rotation

The 90 degree wave-guide has a horizontal dispersion of 90 degrees at the base of the flare and 45 degrees at the top.

Vertical dispersion is 15 degrees above horizontal and 45 degrees below.

This effectively gives a wide HF energy dispersion in a close fill application and beams to the far field. Great for eliminating “hot spots” close to the speaker while still delivering great projection across a large floor area.

The wave guide can be rotated 90 degrees allowing forhorizontal box installation and a great benefit for venues with low ceilings that previously would have required delayspeakers to achieve the coverage.


Designed to Work Hard

The HPI8i casing is birch ply and threaded inserts for installation in a number of options.

The parallel speaker inputs are recessed to aid in a tidy installation and the casing also has a convenient carryhandle and tough steel grill.

Rigging options include the QR2 pan tilt wall bracketwith an optional HPI8i installation spine or pole mount option through the 35mm pole hole.

A U bracket is also available (WBHPI8i) for horizontal installation.



  • Rec Amplifier
320 - 500W Nom.
  • Impedance
8 ohm
  • Frequency Response
75Hz - 19kHz
  • Sensitivity
91.5 dB
  • Max SPL
  • Directivity
Asymmetric +15/-45 Vertical, 30/45 Horizontal
  • Woofer
8” High Powered Woofer
  • Tweeter
1” Ferrite Compression Driver
  • Connections & Wiring
2x Speakon 1+/-
  • Dimensions
449 x 250 x 250mm
  • Weight
8.9kg net