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The CRM51S is a custom remote plate only designed primarily for prisons and public spaces.

The CRM51S is a square plate with the 5 buttons set like the 5 on a dice

It provdes a vandal-proof IR remote solution allowing foreasy operation of TV sets.

The panel is custom programmed to match your original TV remote and provides 5 buttons for the following operation:

  • Volume up
  • Volume down
  • On/off
  • Channel up
  • Channel down


For a complete remote solution you will also need

1 x CRM51S

1 x Control Box

1 x SM1205 Power supply

1 x PRO1141 IR Emitter


For Complete kit order with code 37165008 - CRM51SKIT


How does it work?

The following diagram should explain the connection setup.

  1. The terminal connector that plugs into the control boxhas two outlets. One for power and the other for the included IR beamer. Hook up the included power supply to theDC socket and the 3.5mm IR beamer plug to the 3.5mm socket coming out of the terminal connector. The IR beamer should be positioned over the IR receiver located on the TV.
  2. Connect the panel to the control box using the RJ45 port..
  3. Mount the keypad panel to a secure location and turn your TV on/off, volume up and down or channel up or down using the buttons.

The following picture shows the CRM51 mounted in a Britexenclosure.

Britex enclosures are made from high quality material andcan be ordered upon request. For more information on the Britex enclosures, please email us at

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