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Upsonic DSV Series UPS

  • Upsonic DSV UPS,600VA, 800VA, 1000VA, 2000VA
  • Line Interactive UPS,AVR – Auto Voltage Regulation reduces battery usage when input voltage is high or low.
  • Battery Backup,Internal UPS battery supports AC outlets when street mains is missing or corrupted.
  • Surge Protection,Best in class power surge protection.
  • LCD Screen,Shows input and output status of voltage, UPS load and UPS alarms.
  • Built-in DC Start function,UPS to AC can be used without input AC power.
  • USB Communication Port,USB HID communication can be used if Upsonic free software is not used.
  • Auto Restart,UPS automatically restarts on mains return after UPS battery has been completely used.
  • User Replaceable Batteries,Change batteries at battery end of life to extend UPS total life.
  • Warranty,3 Years.

The Upsonic DSV Series UPS is a high quality, compact design UPS suitable for;

The Upsonic DSV Series UPS will power protect workstations from surge corruption and mains failure with AC battery support allowing the user to save work or continue working until UPS battery low.
When the USB communications cable is connected the UPS can signal the unattended workstation to shutdown during mains failure when the UPS battery is getting low. The UPS will auto-start charging UPS and starting the workstation simultaneously.

Point Of Sale
The Upsonic DSV Series UPS will power protect Point Of Sale equipment terminals and scanners from losing transactions due to loss of power or corrupted power. This UPS will also help prevent equipment damage due to power surges and will also help protect against equipment power fatigue due to high or low mains voltage with the UPS Auto Voltage Regulator feature.

Security CCTV System
The Upsonic DSV Series UPS is suitable for entry level video surveillance CCTV typically 4 to 8 channel NVR systems. This UPS will prevent the loss of important CCTV video captures during a criminally broken mains supply or a general utility power failure.

Home Automation
The Upsonic DSV Series UPS power protects Home Automation system hubs from power surges and power failures. Receive remote UPS alerts enabling you to make decisions on how you will remotely handle your home automaton. e.g. Close UPS automated blinds before the end of communication hub UPS battery.

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