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PowerCube USB Extended 4 Way Surge Protector with 2 x USB Ports BLUE

PowerCube USB Extended has a 1.5 meter extension cord fitted, so it can be mounted to have a power outlet within reach at all times. To do this, a stick-on dock is included. Powercube can be mounted in an ideal location to suit each desktop, no more ducking beneath your desk to plugin your laptop.
Two USB ports are included, so all your favourite digital devices can be charged right from your desk


Mount it anywhere. Mount multiple power sockets where it is most convenient, upside-down underneath your desk, or on a wall.

Revolutionary Mounting System The PowerCube can easily be fixated onto the dock: just rotate the PowerCube 90 degrees, and it locks into place. Any sideof the PowerCube can be used for docking, so the PowerCube can be oriented in any direction. You can remove the dock again without having to worry about leaving any glue residues or scratching your desk?s surface: just pull the tabs, and the dock easily comes off, without leaving any glue residue. Also included are screws to mount the dock to places where sticky tape is not practical.

Mount the PowerCube on the dock

180 degree spin

Rotate 90 degree to lock in place

Compact & Clean All power cords can be combined into one compact solution.


2.1A High-Powered USB Ports The PowerCube has two high-powered USB ports with a total of 2.1A output, capable of maximum rate charging for all handsets, tablets and notebook.

PowerCube has surge protection to protect electrical devices from surges.

  • Max: 6000V 3000A
  • Respond time: 25N second
  • Energy: 175 Joule



  • 5 outlets
  • Compact
  • USB Output (V) 2 x 5V (A) 2100A
  • 1.5 meter cable extension cord fitted
  • Voltage 110-240V
  • Child proof
  • Mounting dock included
  • Colour: BLUE


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