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10A Double GPO Power Point with In-built RCD

Designed to be a direct replacement for your standardGPO fittings, combining two standard 240AC 10A mains (GPO) outlets with a built-in RCD to provide protection against electrical shock. In the event of a fault with the connectedappliance or accident, such as cutting through the mains lead, the unit will provide complete isolation from mains. Atest button, status indicator, and reset button allows you to check the RCD, which we recommend should be done each time before use.

Meets Australian and New Zealand safety standards.

Please Note: This item should be installed by a licenced electrician.

- Electric shock protection
- LED status indicator
- Reset and test buttons
- Line power indicator

CD Classified: Type II
Rated Tripping Current: 30mA
Operating Speed: <40mS Max.
L/Nin-L/Nout: 2KV
Endurance: 2000 Cycles Minute
Contact Break: Double Pole
Standards: RCD Module-AS NZS 3190, Socket-AS NZS 3112
Minimum Back Box Depth: 35mm
Fixing Screws: M3.0 x 25mm
Cable Capacity: 4x2.5mm2,2x4mm2,1X6mm2



AC current rating : 20.0A
AC Voltage rating : 240.0V
AC Frequency : 50.0Hz
IP Rating : 30
Dust/Particle Ingress Protection : 3 - Objects > 2.5mm, Tools, thick wires etc
Liquid/Moisture Ingress Protection : 0 - Not protected
Width : 120.0mm
Height : 76.0mm
Depth : 50.0mm
Weight : 144.0g
Plug or Socket Type : Mains AU/NZ 3 Pin
Device : Socket
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage : 6.0kV
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PS4048 does more than is advertised

4 out of 5 stars

A couple of weeks ago I tried to find out from Radio Parts if this item protects GPOs downstream from the RCD. Radio Parts couldn't tell me because they couldn't find the 3 items they STILL say are available. However now Jaycar stocks this item, for the same price, and I was able to test one to prove that they do indeed protect GPOs downstream when the downstream wires are connected to the LOAD terminals on the RCD. That feature is not mentioned anywhere in the User Manual. The red signal flag is difficult to see, not very bright (Clipsal's equivalent RCD does a better job there, but at 3 times the price). But for the price, this Powertech PS4048 is OK.