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Humantechnik Proloop DCC Plus Induction Loop Amplifier

The Proloop DCC plus represents a milestone in induction loop systems with an extremely versatile solution that delivers either standard induction loop or phased array (lowoverspill) installations.

The PROLOOP DCCplus can deliver coverage for rooms up to 600m² in size or can be paired with an additional unit for aphased array over the same space.

This makes the PROLOOP DCCplus extremely versatile and perfect for various venues with different requirements.

Humantechnik PROLOOP DCCplus.

Standard or phased array solution of up to 600m2.

It is the ideal solution for even rooms and conference halls.

Each one of the two XLR-3 input connectors can be configured as Line (symmetric) or as Microphone (asymmetric)inputs.

When using the input in microphone mode, 17V phantom power can be activated where required.

Amplification adjustment of the input is possible in bothLine and Mic modes.

The output amplification is quite powerful (up to 10A RMS) guaranteeing excellent audio transmission.

The Automatic Gain Control ensures consistent field strength by offering more stability of volume and excellent audio reproduction.

The supplied 6.3mm jacks for "Master In" and "Slave Out" enable the connection of a second PROLOOP DDCplus unit creating a phased array (Low Overspill) loop system.


  • Output power: 10A RMS
  • Short-circuit-proof
  • Automatic fuse reset
  • Three programmable, balanced XLR inputs
  • Individual bass treble gain input controls
  • LED indicators for power, AGC, limiter, fault, currentand loop integrity
  • Sensitivity, phantom voltage, balanced/ unbalanced andpriority can be separately adjusted for each input
  • Convenient monitoring of the magnetic field: can be done using headphones or speakers
Mains connection: 230 - 240 V AC, 50Hz, 25 - 740 W
Coverage: 600m2 acc. to IEC 60118-4, single-loop, free field
Induction Loop Output
Output AGC: Sets voltage and power for steady signals like oscillation and sine curves after 0.6-1 seconds to -10 dB. Short pulses and normal program signals are not limited
Frequency range: 100 - 5000 Hz (±3 dB)
Distortion:: < 1%
Cable connection: 1 screw on the rear panel of the amp
Outputs / Inputs
Master OUT: 0 dBm, RCA (with AGC function)
Slave OUT: 0 dBm, RCA (with AGC function)
Input (LINE or MIC): 2 x XLR - LINE (symmetric, sensitivity: 1V) or MIC(asymmetric, sensitivity: 1mV)
Dynamics: > 70 dB
Rise time: 2 - 500 ms
Fall time: 0.5 - 20 dB/s
Control & Display
Treble control: 0 - +9 dB, potentiometer
IN 1 & 2 adjustment: Two individual potentiometers
Mains connection: LED green
Output level: 4 Leds (1 red, 2 yellow, 1 green)
Induction loop power: 5 red Leds
Dimensions (H x W x D): 88 x 438 x 280 mm
Colour: Black
Weight: 9.5kg

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