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RRP: $599.00

The portable and powerful inductive loop system.

The LA-90 is a compact and portable loop system that empowers people with hearing disabilities to clearly hear what's happening around them. LA-90 transmits verbal communication directly to hearing aids as well as inductive loop receivers such as the
Humantechnik LPU-1. LA-90 has been designed for spot applications in smaller proximities such as service desks and counters.
Virtually installation free, simply plug LA-90 into a power source and its ready to use. In addition, LA-90 (with an in-built charging system), will run for up to four hours using its own internal power.
LA-90 captures sound via its integrated microphone and canalso operate in conjunction with a second microphone by utilising the included additional mic input.
Acoustic information is automatically transformed into inductive signals then transmitted to the included inductiveloop. Hearing aids equipped with a T-Coil are able to pick up these induction signals. A headphone output has also beenincluded for added convenience
and monitoring.
The discreet silver\grey chassis has been designed to be aesthetically pleasing and three colour inserts are includedto ensure LA-90 blends into any environment.

LA-90 is perfect for service counters, reception desks, and any localised environment where assistive listening is required.


  • Power
    • Power supply: 16V DC power pack with 1.8m cable (included)
    • Mains connection: 230 - 240 V AC, 50Hz
  • Induction Loop Output
    • Range: 2m2
    • Output power: 2 x 5W (10W max)
  • Outputs / Inputs
    • Microphone Sensitivity: - 60dB
    • Microphone input: - yes
    • Headphone input: - yes
  • Enclosure
    • Dimensions (H x W x D): 200 x 185 x 70 mm
    • Colour: Silver\grey (with three colour inserts: yellow, red and blue)