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Electronics Retailer & Wholesaler, Australia

Apply for Online Access

You only need to apply for online access if you're an existing 30-day Account holder or a Radio Parts Trade Card holder. If you have neither and would like to register your own retail account with us, you can simply create a new account on the go.

Account and Trade Card holders benefit from trade prices with quantity price breaks. If you haven't already done so, apply to become an account holder (PDF) or a Radio Parts Trade Card holder,

  • Account holders are registered businesses with good trade references and benefit from a 30 day payment term
  • Radio Parts Trade Card accounts are "cash accounts" with an annual spending of $500 or more required.

To apply for online access, simply fill out the form below and click the submit button.

Your details will be sent to our accounts staff for review and you will receive an email containing your login details once your application has been approved.

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Please ensure you fill in all the required fields correctly as this will effect the processing speed of your application.