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Up to 20 headphones up for grabs!

We've partnered up with TrustPilot to collect quality, verified and unbiased reviews.To kick start this journey, for every 50 reviews we collect we are giving away our acclaimed Wintal Aquabuds - IPX8 rated, waterproof/swimproof earphones with not only Bluetooth built-in, but also 8GB of onboard memory so that you can continue to listen to your tunes when in the water.

Read more about the Aqua Buds!

How Do You Leave a Review?

If you've completed an online purchase in the last 6 months, then you probably have already received an email invitation to leave a review. Simply click on one of the star ratings, leave a few words in regards to your experience and that's it!
All reviews, good or bad are visible immediately!

Didn't get a review invitation email?

If you ended up not getting a review invitation email, then feel free to review us here and to get your name in the draw!

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  • Promotion ends when we reach 1000 reviews or by June 1st, whichever comes first.
  • Winners will be randomly picked each Friday for every batch of 50 reviews. If we haven't reached 50 reviews for that week, the draw will be postponed till the next batch of 50 reviews is reached.
  • Winners will be announced on social media and directly via email.
  • The prize is the AQB18BLK with a current sale price of $89 and an RRP of $99.