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Transfer Video Tapes to USB

Transfer Video Tapes to USB

Transfer your Video Tapes to USB

Do you still have some old video tapes of your favourite kids concerts, footy games or family holidays you want to convert to a digital file? Well, we've got a solution that just might do the trick, using Pro2's AV2HDMI Converter and HDVC01 Encoder.


The process is really simple. Before starting, be sure you have a VHS player with the video you wish to convert ready to go, as well as a formatted USB stick plugged into the HDVC01 Encoder.

Then connect a composite cable from the your VHS Player's Audio & Video outputs to the inputs of the AV2HDMI Converter. Use a HDMI lead from the AV2HDMI Converter's output to connect to the HDMI input of the HDVC01 Encoder and that the Encoder is plugged into a 5V power supply. It's a good idea to plug another HDMI cable from the HDVC01 Encoder's HDMI output to a TV or monitor so you can watch the content being recorded, but not necessary for the recording function. Then it's simply a matter of pressing play on your VHS Player and the "record" button on the HDVC01 Encoder.

How much you can record each time will depend on the length of the video, whether the resolution on the Converter & Encoder is 720p or 1080p, and the size of the USB stick.

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