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Case Study - 01 Mar 2022

Case Study - 01 Mar 2022
We were lucky enough to work with our good friends at Sound Environment who under took this spectacular project. Here’s a little bit of how they successfully implemented a truly immersive AV solution. 

The Melbourne Skydeck (Formerly Eureka Skydeck) is about as Melbournian as a strong latte by the Yarra. Not only this, but it’s also the Southern Hemisphere’s highest observation deck. However, this particular install doesn’t take place at the lofty heights of Level 88, instead it’s got it’s feet firmly on the ground on Level One.

case study image

Sound Environment was tasked with redesigning the Melbourne Skydeck’s Audio Visual system, for the Level 1 experience. This included 7 dynamic video signage displays, a six screen video wall, 48 channels of individually addressable audio, custom designed immersive light experience for the VR theatre, as well as automation and user facing controls for the entire system. The whole design was created from the ground up for simplicity of use, while also being adaptable and expandable as the needs for the space change over the years.

A highlight for us are the array of Audac amps used for all the amplification. As each speaker needed it’s own channel for both multi channel soundscapes and level control, we settled on the Audac amps for their ease of use, power and density (we were incredibly space confined with only 1 rack for our entire system).

Case Study image 02

Because of the high channel count, as well as the need to be flexible down the line, we decided to use Dante to streamline the cabling, set up and flexibility between our audio matrix/DSP and our amplifiers. For this we used the UNIKA 4 channel Dante to analogue converters. Easy to set up and POE powered, these D/A converters helped us keep our cabling neat, while enabling us to have a large amount of flexibility at a high channel count.

Another use case for level one at the Melbourne Skydeck is for school groups and education. The Melbourne Skydeck hosts thousands of schoolchildren every year, and being heard over them can sometimes be an issue for staff and guides. This is why we implemented a wireless microphone system that integrates seamlessly with the wider audio system. We used the TOA Dual channel wireless mic kit, along with some TOA handheld mics to deliver wireless microphones that can be used through the entire space.

Case study image 03

From immersive audio, to information displays, to dynamic lighting and visuals, the level one space at the Melbourne Skydeck presented Sound Environment with many challenges, and with so many aspects to the system, it really taught us the real meaning behind the term “AV integrator”. However with some rock solid gear, Sound Environment have created a space that both delights visitors and is easy to use and operate by staff. A win win for everyone!

Bryce Grunden - Sound Environment Director 

Integrator/Installer: Marlon Grunden (Sound Environment) -
Radio Parts Rep: Joe Ciotta -  Phone: 0417 140 222  Email: 
Products Featured:
  • WM5225F01AS HANDHELD MICROPHONE (28732951)
  • ALTI6B 6.5” PENDANT SPEAKER (38902091)
  • EPA104 4X 100W RMS POWER AMP (01453410)
  • EPA254 4X 250W RMS POWER AMP (01453415)
  • DPA616 16X 60W CLASS D AMP (01453420)

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