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The fastest, easiest and least expensive way to guarantee up to 1 Gbit speed on ethernet links within a network

Testing and measuring key data link operations is necessary to determine the speed capability of individual CAT 5/6 links within installed LAN network systems. With the push of a button the GT1000 GigTest Speed Link Qualifierautomatically measures key metrics like Signal to Noise Ratio and Skew as well as generating a Bit Error Rate Test (BERT) that generates data packets for transmission and receiving along a link to see both error generation and/or noise interference effects that may impede data flow at thehighest possible level.

Testing Features

  • Wireless reporting of results to mobile devices or laptops
  • One ended Cable Test: Detects wiring issues or bad connections per TIA568 A/B
  • Linked Speed Indication: Green/Red LEDs showing speed link rate at each level, IEEE 802-3
  • Skew Test: Measures Time domain differences between pairs which can cause data errors, IEEE 802.3
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: Detects and measures electronicnoise, both ambient, alien and internally generated, per IEEE 802.3
  • Bit Error Rate Test (BERT): Generating/receiving actual data packets at Gbit speed, receiving and measuring time and accuracy, per IEEE 802.3. Two units needed
  • Long BERT Mode - 10 times as long as a standard BERT test : Generates sustained BERT packets to help detect spurious/impulse noise which can result in data error re-transmission effects