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This Lineman's Test Set is a new design to provide both DTMF and dial pulse output. The Lineman's Test Set features line-powered operation, so no extended power is required unless operating on low voltage or dry circuits. It is used by installers, repair technicians and other authorized personnel for line testing and temporary communications. Thepolarity LED provides immediate visual indication for Tip (+) and Ring (–) polarity.


  • Three test modes
    • Talk / Ring / Monitor
  • Switchable tone or pulse dialling
  • High impedance monitor will not interrupt data, conversation or signalling
  • LED indicator for reversed polarity
  • Memory for 10 numbers to be stored
  • Last number redial
    • 31 digits maximum
  • Protection against over voltage
  • Transients ringer signals
  • Direct connection to most batteries and power supplies
  • Volume control
    • 3-postition control for up to 12dBof gain
  • Spring loaded belt clip for easy carrying
  • Durable cloth covered cord equipped with securely anchored strain relief, modular RJ11X plug, and two five waytest clips
  • Water-resistant; extra protection against severe weather conditions
  • Space connector cord included



Loop Limit 5kΩ max at 48VDC
(5k meter - 26Ga non loaded) nominal 15mA minimum loop current
DC Resistance 150Ω Typical at 80mA current
Monitor Impedence Low impedance(Ring mode) 600Ω typical at 1kHz
High impedance (Monitor mode) 100kΩ typcial at 1kHz
Rotary Dial Output

Pulsing Rate


10 ± 0.5 pulses a second

Percent Break


60% ± 2%

Interdigital Pause


8.5ms Typical
Leakage During Break >50kΩ
DTMF Output

Tone Frequency Error

± 1.5%

Level Of Tone Pair

+2dBm max
-8dBm min
Low vs High Tone Difference -4dBm max
Physical Dimensions (LxWxH) 22.4x7.12x7.0 cm
Weight 380g
*Specifications subject to change without notice

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