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Olympus AS-2400 Easy Transcription Kit

For dedicated transcription needs, Olympus offers the AS-2400 Transcription Kit which includes a footswitch and headset for hands-free operation. It allows easy transfer from the voice recorder to the secretary’s office. Besides the DSS Player Standard Transcription software, the kit also includes the RS-28 footswitch and the E-102 stereo headset to make hands-free operation Transcription possible.

Using the Foot Control and Headset, the typist can control the Play/Stop, Rewind and Fast Forward functions, orif preferred can use the keyboard function keys.

The Olympus AS-2400 Kit is perfectly suited for writing minutes and interviews recorded with the DS-2, DS-2300, DR-1000, DS-30, DS-40, DS-50 and the WS Series Digital Voice Recorders.

Features and Benefits:

For the typist, the main screen can be minimized to a smaller view to enable clear access to Microsoft Word or your preferred word processing package. The typist may still access volume and speed controls and adjust the noise cancelling and auto back space settings.

All Folders can be renamed to reflect the workflow of the office or individual. Downloaded files will arrive in the same folder from which they were downloaded i.e. dictation in Folder ‘A’ on the portable will be downloaded to Folder ‘A’ in the software.

Using the supplied foot control (RS28), the typist can control the Play/Stop, Rewind and Fast Forward functions, or if preferred can use the keyboard
function keys.

A headset is provided with the AS-2400 kit (model E102). It has a conveniently long 3 meter cable to allow easy connectionto your computer. For those who use the auto back space setting normally found on traditional tape machines, this function is available in the optionsmenu within the DSS software. The back space setting can be set to automatically rewind the voice between 0 - 5 seconds.

Within the main window view, it is possible to insert a comment into an audio file. This text comment can be up to 100 characters in length and is very useful for sharing information with other users or just keeping notes for later reference - much like placing a Post it Note onto the file.


Software Version Windows
DSS Player Standard Transcription
DSS Player V7 for Macintosh
Playback or transcription functions    
Finish/Pending transcription Yes  
Transcribe the next dictation Yes  
Speed/Tone/Noise cancel/Volume control Yes Yes
Time stretch control Yes Yes
Playback level meter Yes Yes
Display of dictation properties andedit Yes  
Real-time counter Yes Yes
Audio File Playback  DS2/DSS/WAV/WMA/MP3  DS2/DSS/WMA/MP3/AIFF
DSS Pro non decryption playback Yes Yes
DSS Pro decryption playback Yes Yes
Pro R4 decryption playback Yes Yes
Set index mark Yes Yes
Operation via configurable hot keys Yes Some
Main Window    
Individual folder path setting Yes Yes
Renaming of folders Yes Yes
Creation of sub folders Yes Yes
Add text comments to Audio files  Yes  
Author ID setting by software Yes Yes
Upload audio files from PC to recorder Yes Yes
Automatic Start-up after device detection Yes  
Drag & Drop of dictation Yes Yes
Individual file format conversion  DSS / DS2 / WAV / WMA  AIFF
Change dictation information from dictation list Yes Yes
Join dictations Yes Yes
Split dictation Yes Yes
Move dictations to Recycle Bin instead of deletion Yes  
Synchronize DVR time with PC time  Yes Yes
Resolve filename conflict while downloading  Manual  Auto
Refresh dictation list interval Yes  
Automatic download of each folder at device plug-in  Yes All
Automatic original file deletion after download  Yes Yes
Open word processor at starting transcription  Yes  
Automatic new document creation at starting transcription  Yes  
Start voice recognition using Dragon Naturally Speaking    
User settings    
Font colour or background colour changing  Yes  
Assign hotkeys  Yes some
Configurable footswitch pedal function Yes Yes
Auto backspace function Yes Yes
Winding speed settings Yes  
Transcribe Bar Length/remain time indication Yes Yes
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