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Spare Wireless Receiver for SWAT2.4X

SWAT 2.4X is a wireless audio transceiver that allows youto play audio material from your audio source player to almost any speaker wirelessly. Hard wiring your speakers to your sound source is costly and time consuming. SWAT 2.4X makes install a snap but does not compromise sound quality for convenience. It is extremely versatile and perfect for apartments or outdoor settings. It even has microphone capability so you can transmit voice as well.

The SWAT-2.4X is the perfect solution for your home theater set-up; there is no need for messy wiring which is especially difficult in older homes (great for retrofit jobs). Now with the SWAT-2.4X, you don't have to worry aboutwiring a subwoofer that sits on the side of the room. For a more high end system, use one, two, or even three Supernova subwoofers since one Transmitter canhook up to multiple Receivers. If you don't like how the subwoofers are set up, you can easily rearrange them with the SWAT-2.4X (no rewiring involved).

The SWAT-2.4X is also ideal for parties and entertaining. For a seamless outdoor audio system, use the SWAT-2.4X and avoid the headache of outdoor wiring. You can play music from your desktop inside and the sound will emit from the speakers outside. The SWAT-2.4X is also great for DJs who don't want people tripping on wires or want more freedom when setting up their speakers.

SWAT 2.4X consists of a Transmitter (a unit that connects tothe source) and a Receiver (a unit that connects to the amplifier or powered speaker). The SWAT 2.4X Transmitter connects to a stereo, MP3 player, computer, or any other device that can play audio through a 3.5mm stereo jack or RCA output. The Receiver is then connected to an amplifier or a powered speaker through an RCA input. Multiple Receivers can connect wirelessly to one Transmitter if you want the music to play in different areas or on multiple systems. Extra Receivers can be purchased separately.

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