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RRP: $249.00

42,000mAh Portable Power Centre

This is a fantastic new product for 2018. Firstly, it is a multipurpose power bank that can be charged from 240V mains or a solar panel via an MPPT charger. In other words, it can provide a campsite power completely independent from AC power charging, but provides AC and DC power itself!

This is what it does:
• It is a 100W 240V Inverter (modified sine wave)
• It provides 12VDC to 3 separate points. 9-12V atup to 15A. Ideal for a low voltage lighting system.
• It has 3 x USB charging ports (Up to 6A shared)
• It has a bright LED camping light built-in

This is how it does it:
• It has a high quality lithium Ion battery bank inside (155W/hr)
• It has a 240V AC adaptor/charger, 15V, 2A
• It comes with a solar panel charging lead (MC4 connectors)
• It has an in-car charger adaptor

Dimensions 195(W) x 171(H) x 90(W)mm, 1.58kg
Total DC capacity: 42AH

Supplied with mains charger, in-car charger, solar charge lead, DC to Cigarette lighter socket lead and user manual.

1 year warranty


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Perfect what I need

5 out of 5 stars

Fantastic product. I have a motorcycle parked in an underground carpark and it needs power to keep the battery charged. I used this becuase i do not have a power point in the carpark and it charged the battery within a few hours which was much faster than I expected and still barely affected the power still left in the power supply. Would be great for camping, picnics or anywhere you need power.