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earis® – 2.4GHZ Digital Wireless Headphones with Underchin Receiver

The transmitter

The »earis®« transmitter serves also as a charger forthe according receiver. It also features a further charging slot for a secondary receiver battery (available as accessory). The main control element is the selection buttonfor the five »dynamic sound HS« programs. The devices are already paired by default when delivered.

The underchin receiver

The light-weight »earis®« under-chin receiver is comfortable to wear and applies no pressure on the ears. Thespeaker arms are sturdy and the ear pieces are pivoted for aperfect fit to the ear canals. The speaker arms also activate the receiver when used, so the user does not need to worry about switching the receiver on or off. Thelarge shiny wheel-shaped silver volume control, which can deliver up to 122 dB (A), dominates the design of the receiver.

LEDs provide information on charging status, hearing profile selection and volume setting. A balance adjuster on the reverse side of the receiver allows to shift volume leftand right in order to compensate for one-sided hearing loss.»earis®« also features a communication amplifier function.

Switch to communication

The system can be switched to a amplified communication function. When activated, »earis« will pick up sound and speech within the environment and will amplify it over the speaker arms or the hearing component attached to the pocketreceiver.

»earis« memorizes the volume settings which were last used in both the audio transmission and the communication mode. So the user returns to the preferred volume he had last used, in whichever mode he chooses.

Dynamic Sound HS

Humantechnik has branded the main characteristic, which makes »earis« a top model in the premium class, as »dynamic sound HS«. This provides five dynamic audiological sound programs for different TV formats. The programs can be selected by simply pressing a button - they adjust the incoming audio transmission continuously to the best possible sound quality for its user. These programs are based on a sound-supporting algorythm, developed specially for people with impaired hearing at the Fraun­hofer-Institute for Digital Media Technology IDMT in Oldenburg, Germany.

Exchangeable battery

The easily exchangeable battery lasts for up to 9 hours -with a charging time of only two hours. A secondary back-up battery (available as accessory) makes almost unlimited use possible.

In the box

Ready-to-connect TV listening system with transmitter and, according to the set, with either underchin- or pocket receiver

  • 1 rechargeable Lithium-polymer battery
  • 1 mains power supply unit, length of cable 148 cm
  • 1 pair of silicone rubber earbuds, small (underchin receiver set only)
  • 1 optical Toslink-cable, total length 149 cm
  • 1 audio connection lead with 3,5 mm stereo jack plugs,total length 215,5 cm
  • 1 inductive neckloop (pocket receiver set only)
  • 1 audio-adapter RCA to 3,5 mm stereo jack socket, total length 29 cm
  • 1 quick guide 1 user manual
  • 1 warranty card


earis Set
Modulation method: Pulse-code modulation PCM
Carrier frequency: 2.4 GHz~2.5 GHz
Signal-to-noise distance: -87 dB
RF transmission output: 10 dBm
Delay: > 47 ms
Transmission range: > 70 m
Temperature range: 0 °C bis 45 °C
Power supply: 5 Volt DC / 1.5 A
Mains power supply: 100-240 Volt 50-60 Hz, 300mA
earis Under-chin receiver
Distortion: 1kHz<1% at 500mV rms
Audio frequency range: 20-16 kHz
Sound pressure level: 122dB SPL at input of=1KHz/500mVrms
Earbud material: Silicone rubber
Power supply: Rechargeable battery AP18A 3.7V 400mAh, Lithium-Polymer
Use time per charge: approx. 9 hours
Charging time: approx. 2 hours
Weight (incl. battery): 61 g
Sizes (mm): 244 x 112.5 x 24
Temperature range: 0 °C – 45 °C


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