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The HLLC-200 is a high-power differential high low adapter with several beneficial uses. It can reduce the high-power output of an amplifier to that of a low-level signal input in RCA down to between 0.1 and 6 Volts. This isespecially useful with factory or aftermarket radios that donot provide dedicated RCA outputs. 

The “differential” aspect of the HLLC-200 is what sets it aside from the competition. The input and output are magnetically isolated from one another. This means that the low-level signal does not share a ground withthe high-power speaker removing the risk of shorting your factory amplifier or radio. This is especially useful on leased vehicles, for people who want a simple and fully reversible audio solution.

The HLLC-200 also offers an optional 12VDC input that canbe used to power up the amplifier when the vehicle starts, as well as a 12VDC remote output.

This high-low adapter can also be used in home audio application. For example, to add a woofer to an existing system with two powered speakers, all you need to do is supply the high power from the speakers to the HLLC-200 which will then provide a low-level signal input for the woofer without the need of a sub-out from the receiver.

The HLLC-200 has been proven to be useful in pro sound applications when used in conjunction with the Hum Kleaner, especially when long runs are involved. While the Hum Kleaner boosts the signal from the source, the HLLC-200 brings the signal voltage back down at the end of the run tomatch the amplifier input level.

Utilizable in all areas of audio applications, the HLLC-200 can simplify almost any setup at an affordable price.  


    • 2-channel signal outputs
    • Signal noise eliminator
    • Adjustable output level
    • Auto remote amplifier turn-on