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PWAHHMA/B Hand Held Microphone transmitter to suit PWA series.


When placing order please confirm frequency.

This detail is usually located in the Battery Compartmentof microphone or on the receiver of the PWA amplifier.

Please Note:

The Australian Communications and Media Authority changed to frequency ranges used for wireless microphones.

The changes mean that after 31 December 2014, wireless audio transmitters (including wireless microphones) can no longer operate in the frequencyrange 694-820 MHz.

There will be no more replacement microphone transmittersin this frequency range

You would need to have your system upgraded to cover new frequency range

Please call our sales team if unsure.

The "new" frequency range is 520MHz -694 MHz.
This is the same frequency range as Digital T.V.

Wireless microphones will only operate on frequencies not occupied by Digital T.V. channels.
Digital TV broadcasts on many different frequenciesaround the country.

Make sure that the wireless system that you choose a can select the frequencies available in your area
See the Soundart frequency guide in DOWNLOADS or speak to our sales team for more information about available frequencies in your location. More detailed information can be found on www.acma.gov.au


PWA "B" - 533 to 547 MHz -

PWA "C"- 582 to596 MHz -


Please add notes on sales order for frequency required

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