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RRP: $99.95
Why does the power supply distributor not have a power plug?

The power supply unit is supplied with a short 2.1mm DC plug with bare end lead(Please refer to the product image).If you'd prefer to use a standard power point, you can use apower supply 33774420 SM1205 . If you would like to plug the power into the cigarette socket in the car, please use acigarette lighter plug 07053013 CLP21. Or you can connect it with a battery.

The DOSS Combo20 high gain aerial gives outstanding performance on analogue, digital and FM radio and is the ideal solution for any mobile setup, caravans, motor homes, and boats!

  • The COMBO20 contains a built in amplifier that strengthens weak signals for clearer picture
  • Power supply distributor box has a built-in splitter for a second TV outlet
  • The DOSS Combo20 aerial is especiallygood in poor reception areas
  • Ideal for your caravan, motor home, boat and even as aloft aerial at home
  • It comes complete with cables, connectors and fitting instructions
  • Easy to assemble and suitable for use throughout Australia
  • Please note: The included Power Supply Distributor requires a 12V 100mA power supply.




Channels 0 ~ 69
Frequency VHF 40 ~230MHz, UHF 470 ~ 862 MHz
Gain VHF20dB, UHF 19dB
Front Back Ratio UHF16° ~ 6°, VHF 0°
Half Power Angle UHF 55° ~ 65°, VHF 60°~80°
Output Impedance 75Ω, F-Connector (Female)
Voltage Standing Wave Ratio 2~3
Noise Figure Max. 4.5db
Max. Output Level 100dBµV (IMA -69dB)
Applicable Temperature -20°C ~ 50°C
Wind Surface 0.181m2
Wind Load 12.67KPA
Fixed Mast Diameter 15~56mm
Power Source 12VDC / 100mA
(Power supply not included)
Dimension 400 x 350 x 105 mm
Weight 2200 g

*Please note: Mounting pole not included

In the Box

  • Combo20 Antenna
  • Power supply distributor box
  • 6m sealed 'F-Type' to PAL lead
  • Mounting hardware

User Manual

Download PDF here.

  • Total Number of reviews: 2
  • Average Rating: 4.00
  • Product Rating: Above Average

Works well

5 out of 5 stars

I use this on my camper and works great. I combined it with a PSK06 power supply to run it and picks up TV signals very well.

No really great

3 out of 5 stars

The quality of the product is very good and it does work well in high reception areas. However I have taken it out 3 times now and it only worked in the main town. I have even put a 2 meter extension pole on. Oh well it works in the man cave fine..

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