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DEN-ON SC-7000Z is of the pump built-in structure with a temperrature control circuit. Best tool recognized all over the world.

A strong pump and high temperature range (350-500°C) for qui ck solder removal. Convenient thumb adjustment lever for con version from solder suction to hot blow for SMD devices. Removes solder cleanly from multi-layer boards. The diaphragm pump, motor, and temperature control circuit are built into the handle. A compact one-piece unit which can also be used as a hot air tool.
- Long tip design eliminates tip clogging, special tip plating for prolonged tip life.
- Time to max vacuum 0.1 sec.
- Temp: 350°C to 500°C
- Filter remains clear of flux and solder longer
- Zero cross switching
- Vacuum to reach 650mmHg.
- 100 Watt ceramic heater & sensor feedback heater.
- Hot blow max: 400° C

Direct connection between the diaphragm pump and the tip can provide high vacuum efficiency which can accommodate for the 8-12 layered PCB.

The combination of a 100W ceramic heater with sensor feedback temperature control circuit and high vacuum capacity can provide best work efficiency with no failure.

Protection against ESD is secured.

Quite compact, light-weight unit portable and ready to use at any location.

Low noise and low vibration.

The removal of SMD components can be easily done by a flick of the selector lever and by replacing the tip with the hot blow nozzle.


  • Totally Self Contained diaphragm vacuum pump and AC motor for high vacuum suction or reversible hot air blow for SMD removal.
  • 100 Watt Ceramic heater with zero-crossover switching heater control circuit which prevents spikes andleakage currents.
  • Unique patented long lasting filter cartridge design. Solder builds up on easily cleaned baffle, while air flows around the outside of baffle.
  • Totally ESD Safe. The housing contains carbon and the tip is at ground potential for complete ESD protection.
  • Maximum vacuum of 650mmHg is attained in 0.1 seconds.
  • Temperature adjustable from 350 C - 500 C or 572 F -932 F
  • Compact, light-weight unit is transportable and ready to use at any location.


  • Voltage - AC100V, 120V, 230V, 50/60HZ
  • Power consumption - 120W
  • Pump - Diaphragm type
  • Motor output - 12W
  • Vacuum attained - 650mmHg
  • Time required to reach maximum vacuum - 0.1 seconds
  • Air flow rate - 15 liter/minute (open)
  • Heater - 100W (Ceramic)
  • Control system - Feed back zero cross over type
  • Temperature range - 350 C - 500 C
  • Insulation Resistance - More than 100M
  • Max. Temp. of Hot Blow - 400C
  • Net Weight - 420g - Less than one pound

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