Doss Security Storage Calculator

Need to know how much storage you need or what kind of an affect your security setup will have on your network? The Doss Security calculator will give you the answers!

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  • There are a lot of factors in determining how much storage space and bandwidth your setup will use. Please use this calculator as a rough guide only.
  • Besides the stream, resolution and quality settings, the most important factor in bandwidth and storage consumption is your Frame Rate per Camera setting. For recording purposes anything between 5-10 FPS will be more than sufficient. Keep in mind that increasing your frame rate from 5 to 10 effectively doubles the bandwidth and storage.
  • Another tip to get the most recording days possible is to enable Motion Detection. This feature will allow you to record only when motion is detected. Not only does it cut back on irrelevant footage you need to go through, but also makes sure you are only storing important information and not filling up your hard drive unneccessarily.